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Mental Health Problems Anything Actually

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A healthy mental is where when the mind is in a state of tranquility and calm. That way it will enable a person to be able to enjoy his daily life and be able to appreciate others around him. When the individual does not have mental health problems then he will be able to utilize the ability or potential that is in him to the fullest. So that individual will be able to face life challenges and establish positive relationships with others.


But instead when someone who has mental health problems. Unhealthy mental will cause mood disorders, thinking ability, and control of emotions. If allowed to drag on then will eventually lead to bad behavior.


Impaired mental health can cause problems in everyday life. Not only will it interfere with interactions or relationships with others, more than that can also reduce achievement in school or work productivity.


Mental health problems and how to recognize them

Some of the conditions that show the most common mental health problems include:



Stress is a condition in which a person experiences severe stress for him either emotionally or mentally. When a person is under stress, in general, he will appear restless, anxious, and irritable. Stress will also cause concentration disorders, decreased motivation, that in certain cases can trigger depression. Stress will not only affect the psychology of people who experience it but also can have an effect on how to behave and their physical health.

Anxiety Disorders


Excessive constant anxiety and difficult to control is a form of anxiety disorder. Psychological conditions like this can adversely affect the daily life of someone who experienced it.


Anxiety arises in some normal people usually only appear when there is a certain incident. For example when going through the exam at school or waiting for a job interview. But when people experience an anxiety disorder then this feeling of anxiety will appear in every circumstance. That way people experience anxiety disorder will find it difficult to relax from time to time.


Other psychological symptoms that can arise other than anxiety or excessive fear in people with anxiety disorders include reduced confidence, irritability, stress, difficulty concentrating, and choosing to be alone.


Mental Health Problems


Factors that cause anxiety disorders actually cannot be known for certain. But some of them include trauma from intimidation, harassment, and violence on the environment and family. There are also other factors of prolonged stress, genetics of the elderly, as well as an imbalance of serotonin and noradrenaline hormone in the brain that serves as a mood controller. Alcohol and drug abuse can also trigger anxiety disorders.


There are several simple ways that can be taken to overcome anxiety disorders without having to see a doctor. Eat high nutritious foods, get enough sleep, reduce caffeine, avoid alcoholic beverages or other sedatives, quit smoking, and exercise routine. If possible it would be better if you can turn to simple relaxation methods such as yoga or meditation. And if really necessary, you can try counseling online like this one reviewed by e-counseling.com.

New if self-treatment does not show any changes it is advisable to consult a doctor. Doctors will usually deal with the provision of antianxiety medicines as well as cognitive therapy.



Depression in the natural form of a mood disorder that makes the sufferer constantly feel sad. Generally, normal people will feel sad for a few days but in depressed people can last for weeks and even months.


Depression does not only affect the feelings or emotions of the sufferer. But depression will also cause physical problems, change the way of thinking, and change the way the person behaves. In many cases, people with depression have difficulty in normal daily activities. Even in some cases, they will hurt themselves and even try to commit suicide.


There are various things that can cause depression which is usually a stressful event in life. Losing a loved one, feeling lonely, and having a vulnerable person can be a cause of depression. However, depression can also be caused due to severe prolonged illness, see Read more